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July 30, 2007


andrew stern

when I first read the headline, I thought you meant it was an old washing machine for toys... the kind of thing I would have not known existed, that I wouldn't have been surprised you would have found. :-)

Gonzalo Frasca

You mean you never wash your toys? I guess my English is a bit rusty, just like the washing machine :)
In any case, the toy is fantastic. People at the studio tease me all the time about my love for the tiny washing machine.

van D

to whom it may concern,

I have a wolverine laundrette toy tin washing machine for doll clothes. The size is about 8"x8"x6". It is a top loading barrel washer. has hand crank on right hand side to make the tub rotate back and forth. It also has a clear window in the front to be able to see the clothes being washed. It was made by the wolverine supply co., in pittsburg,pa. the body is a cream color with red stripes on both sides an shows a girl hanging laundry on a clothsline. I have searched the net for info about this item and found none. If you could help me in finding a price or an address where i could find out it would be of a great help.

thank you for your time and consideration in this perplexing problem.

van D.

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