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September 15, 2007



By all accounts post offices will accept foreign ATM cards and I ran across an article saying that 7-11 stores will now take foreign ATM cards.
Regardless, I'm taking cash.


I didn't have all that much trouble finding an ATM to use when I needed it. In Yokohama, you can get cash out at Citibank (imagine it's the same across Japan). And yes, post offices and 7-11 stores take foreign ATM cards. Even the post office in Hakone-Yumoto had one so I was surprised it wasn't as hard as what I had heard.
That said, I carried far more cash around with me than I would in Australia just so I wouldn't get caught short.


Yup, this seemed to be an issue the first time I went to Japan, 7 years ago. Things seem to have changed quite a bit since then.

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