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July 10, 2008



I eagerly clicked this link (first place, no less, on a Google 'ludology' search) anticipating an eloquent and informed academic site discussing video games. I was not expecting low brow politicised nonsense.
Why did I hold these expectations? Because you introduce yourself as a "resource for academic videogame research". A high standard that you just pissed all over.
I don't mind your silly Space Invaders game, and you are right to say it is smoother than the original (though I think the 'pork barrel' flying saucer is a bit easier to hit in this one.) Just don't say you are what ya ain't. Politics such as this is about as unacademic as you can get.


Hi Joss,

Sorry to hear that my site was a disappointment to you. I'm not going to defend myself. My blog, for better or for worse, gives a fair idea about my standards and record.

The good thing is that, nowadays, there are plenty of other resources from colleagues that you may find useful.




In Joss's world, there's no room for politics in thought, nor for thought in politics.

BTW, I'm getting a "McCain for President" banner ad on the side of this page, ironically enough.

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