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August 09, 2008



Here´s something I would really like to be able to attend to: Gonzalo Frasca will be giving two lectures in São Paulo, Brazil. (...)


Seja bem-vindo ao Brasil, Frasca!
Você vai gostar de São Paulo e São Carlos.
Sua vinda é muito legal. Depois de conhecer a ludologia, minha pesquisa sobre o uso do RPG de mesa para ensinar história melhorou muito. Para falar a verdade, ela finalmente começou a funcionar...

Wellcome to Brazil, Frasca!
I guess you'll like São Paulo and São Carlos.
Your coming is really cool. After knowing ludology, my research about how to use tabletop RPG to teach history has improved a lot (or has really started...).

(sorry by my English...)

Wellcome and thanks for ludology!

Gonzalo Frasca

Muito obrigado for the comments! I'm really looking forward to my trip to Brazil!

Jônatas Kerr de Oliveira

Hi, Gonzalo! Thanks for your visit here in São Carlos! I´m writing to let you know that the lecture you´ve take is available online for download at Geminis Portuguese frontpage:

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